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Security Criteria Development

Haines Security Solutions develops security criteria by conducting reviews of private business and government agency compliance with federal, state and local government regulations and policies; and, assists in writing, editing and publishing plans and procedures to meet these requirements.    

Haines Security Solutions has expertise in the development of antiterrorism plans, physical security, operational security, informational security, and continuity of operations (COOP) plans at the strategic or tactical level. 

Haines Security Solutions had extensive experience in writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for law enforcement and security forces.

HSS has developed security criteria for (undisclosed) agencies at the following locations:
Blount Island, FL        Kaiserslautern, Germany        Pisa, Italy        Rotterdam, The Netherlands

For more information about developing your agencies security criteria contact Haines Security Solutions at (805) 509-8655 or

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